Sister Angela' Garrish

Philippines Bacolod Mission

2017.10.16 Hello Family!!!

Hello Family!!! 

So to start off, these past two weeks have been lots of fun! Not sure if you heard but it's the rainy season over here!!! I'm pretty sure Sister Aiono and I have yet to go one day in the past two weeks without coming home soaked!!!! Other then that Sister Aiono and I have had some great nights when we weren't able to sleep at like 3 am so we made hot chocolate and watch the lightening storms :) I am so grateful to be here in the Philippines, and even more grateful for my companion Sister Aiono. We have been having a blast these past two transfers! We love seeing people enter the waters of baptism. So that has been our goal. We have also been working hard to see whole families get baptized together. 

These past two weeks we have seen two amazing people and others enter in the waters of baptism. First, Stephan, I can't believe the progression and the commitment that this kid has to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ.  No matter the trials in his life, including having a high fever on the day of his baptism, he still continued. 
As for Pablo, his desire came step by step. He had been taught for quite a while now. Maybe over a year now, but in  the past month we have seen his connection with Jesus Christ and his understanding of what Jesus Christ really did for him.
As for Yara, I met her while I was on exchanges about 4 or 5 months ago! Since then the missionaries have been trying to get her to accept their invitation to be baptized. She finally accepted and was baptized this past weekend. Her one request for her baptism is that I attend. She says I'm her idol and I could not stop smiling when I heard that. 

Also the week before we had CONFERENCE!! :) I loved to listen to conference! I just remember when I was younger, whenever I did happen to listen to conference it felt like it dragged on forever! But of course that's when i was like 10. Lets just say I've grown a lot since then. :)   Well other than that, I'm still learning new things everyday. 
I Love the mission and I just want to say.... 3 months na lang. :P

-Sis. Garrish