Philippines Bacolod Mission

Transferred to Conception

Dear Family and Friends! 
<So mom got mad I didn't write so here's a quick one!!!> 

The Magbanua family got baptized! They are so amazing!!! The following Sunday they received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Then right after church the parents Sister Emily and Brother Boyette went out working with us to one of our far away areas!! It was so amazing to hear their testimonies to our investigators!!! It's so amazing to see what the Gospel can do for people. Before his baptism, Brother Boyette had a terrible time with alcohol and cigarettes. After work he often ended up not coming home at all, but because of the Gospel he has and is dedicated to the Lord. His wife is always thanking us every chance she gets, for us not giving up on them even when countless times they rejected us because of reasons dealing with their being too busy or because of their previous religion (Baptist)
The Baptist church had told her that if she gets baptized in the Mormon church she will go straight to hell with her family. That's why she had a hard time with baptism for quite a while, but in the end it all worked out. They are excited to start a new life with their kids and raise future missionaries! :) 
<Sis Garrish was transferred this week to Concepcion area> 
As for our Concepcion area, it's so amazing!!! Unfortunately we found that it's the "Backyard of ISIS" and for the new people army so I have to be a little more careful and we are only allowed to go there when there's light out. So that's fun :) 
As for my companion unfortunately she has an ulcer and has had terrible stomach pain but tomorrow we'll go to the doctor.... again. I'm pretty sure I could work at the hospital or at least convert everyone in the hospital because of how many times I've been there.
Anyway, another family will hopefully be ready this Wednesday to be baptized but because of stupid drugs... in a couple weeks the dad will be ready again :) 
I love seeing the atonement being used everyday. It's truly amazing to be a missionary and see the atonement being used as part of my job. This is for sure the best job ever but it sure isn't the easiest. 
Ummm something else that I could tell you... Oh I told my companion how there in America I sleep with my dog and like most people do. She was so grossed out and then I was like, dude you wipe your butt with your hand and then eat with it... and then she was like you do too... so yeah that was great. I love my companion she is just like my Mom's best friend, Kimbo. She's a blast! I'm grateful to have her and to be able to train her! She has taught me a ton of Tagolog. 
Basta tani okay lang na. Na feel ko nga nagsulat ko damo pero basi ma feel ka nga dutay lang ni. Bast nagtry ko hehe Palangga ko kamo!!!! HALONG!!!!

- Sis. Garrish

2017.05.22 Tons of Photos

Dear Family and Friends,

Here are a bunch of photos from this week.

-Sis. Garrish


2017.05.15 Mother's Day Skype

Dear Family and Friends,
Sis. Garrish skyped tonight for Mother's Day and still sent in a bunch of photos.  She had another family baptism this past Saturday.  Her foot continues to be a pain, and is wearing out her shoes in walking where ever the Lord sends her.  She's staying healthy and loves the work of the Lord.  Her language is becoming more and more a part of her and her English a little more quaint!