Philippines Bacolod Mission

2016.10.31 ASL, Hiligaynon and the Perfect Plan

Dear Family and Friends,
Maayong hapon!!!!!!!! :) [Good Afternoon]
Not sure exactly what happened this week because it went by so fast! I'll start off that Sister Abad and I had a wonderful baptism! Frenzlove is her name. She is so very sweet! Her name fits her perfectly. Her mother will be getting baptized next week. So very exciting for that family.
So now something special and someone who became one of the many miracles here on my mission. His name is JunMar. He is a deaf and can read lips in Hiligaynon and knows sign langauge. I can say I probably know as much sign language as I know Hiligaynon. So very difficult for me. But anyways, I have learned a lot from JunMar. When we first met him, we were walking to an appointment when Sister Abad pointed out JunMar and that he was mute and only knows sign language. Of course me being overly self confident at times and having faith that the Gift of Tongues would take over my hands and that all the sudden I would be fluent in ASL. Although I didn't work out that way it still worked out because Brother JunMar will be getting baptized on Novemeber 19th. Pretty funny how the Lord works. 
So yeah that's my story for this week. Pretty amazing huh? 
Well I just want you all to know that God has a plan for each and everyone. He has a special plan made just for you that is absolutely perfect for you! And guess what? The most perfect person in the world made a perfect plan for you. Pretty cool right! I am not sure if that made sense to you. HAHA! but it makes sense to me. 
So really quick Haley, thank you for praying for me all the time. I can feel your prayers and your love. I am so grateful to have you as my beautiful sister. Ben thank you for showing me how to be so loving and caring. You are such a wonderful example to me. Adam thank you for teaching me patience. I love you, you little squirt. I'm so grateful for your energy! Almost every kid here has your energy and your love for the outdoors. 
I love you three very much! I just don't want you to forget that because you all don't have emails yet. :( 
Love you Fam Bam you are all the best! Try not to forget about me, letters and packages take a while to get here, but they do get here. 
Oh boy I will be so happy! I am not saying I am home sick, I would just like something from home. HAHA. love you all! 
Halong kamo! [Take care ya'll]

Sister Garrish

After volleyball and basketball last P-day
... yes I know my face is red... I'm white and it happens to us white people

Brother Clarks baptism with Brother JunJun as the baptizer :)
Brother Jun-Mar at his first day at church, this picture is currently his screen saver :)

Young's birthday :)

Taytay Hilario
He Is so hardworking and a wonderful example to Sister Abad and I

Brother Roy, Sister Prettys Father! He is the bestest!!! :)

Dinner at the Murcillo Familly with the YSAs :)
 Sister Frenzlove baptism  :)  

2016.10.24 Adobo, discipleship and dead camera

Dear Family and Friends,
Wow! What a week! And of course it went zooming! Well to start off from last Monday, the last time we talked :) after our P-day last Monday, Sister Abad and I went to the Santillan home for family home evening where they made amazing adobo and even better because it had pineapple. My two favorite things in the whole world put together in one. It was amazing! Not to mention the delicious dessert they made "leche flan," oh my goodness, its to die for! ❤ Okay enough about food, sorry! But before dinner we taught about temples, this family all got baptized about a year ago so they are about ready to get sealed in the temple for time and all eternity! How exciting! Our main message to the family revolved around Helaman 10:7. "Behold, I give unto you power, that whatsoever ye shall seal on earth shall be sealed in heaven; and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven; and thus shall ye have power among this people" and the inspiring quote by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Exaltation is our goal and Discipleship is our journey." Families are such a blessing that God gave us so we can have happiness and joy here in this life and in the after life. What a blessing to be with them forever through the journey of life as all disciples of Jesus Christ.
Well the next day we had a district meeting and oh boy! It blew my mind! Our district leader Elder Chapple, taught about the importance of the Doctrine and about how we can be better missionaries using doctrine. Most importantly, what is doctrine? For all you teachers out there whether it be Young Women, Elders Quorum, or Primary, this is one thing that Elder Chapple said that really stuck in my mind. I am not sure if someone else actually said it but I'm not going to quote it as Elder Chapple words -- "Don't use the Book of Mormon to testify of your words but instead you testify of the Book of Mormon." That hit me, of course, it sounds like common sense but when I reflected on my teaching, I noticed how often I use the Book of Mormon to try to prove what I was saying was true when it should have been the other way around!
Anyways just something that interested me! :)
Well anyways, the next day I went on my first set of exchanges! That is when I switch companions for the whole day. So I do all my studies with someone else and go out proselyting in another area. So my companion was Sister Fawcett. She was great! She has only been out for 6 weeks more than me and her Hiligaynon was so amazing! She is very talented.
Well another than that we had another amazing baptism, Brother Clark Pedan who loves to sing, dance, and act so we've get along great. :)
I played basketball with the first road kids. My favorite family the Ciscar Family ❤
They are so fun!
So time for some sad news:
One - my new camera that I bought before I came, broke. For no reason! I was just taking a picture when it turned purple then turned off now it won't turn back on. :(
Two - I am pretty sure I am getting fat. 
Three - we did not get a transfer call... so Sister Abad is stuck with me for another 6 weeks. yay! That's not sad for me just sad for her. HAHA! Joke lang she loves me! I think. :)
Well other than that I can't think of what else to write because everything was amazing, the new people I met, the things I learned and the miracles I witnessed but I'll save all those stories for when I come home.
I really love it here! The people, our amazing ward is top notch! The best! I love them all so much! Even when I don't understand what they are talking about or when they don'y understand me they are so sweet! Especially the YSAs [Young Single Adults]! They are all so fun and so spiritually strong. Most of them are return missionaries or preparing to go out on a mission! Such great examples to me!
Well, I love you all! And I hope you are all doing amazing! Please know you all have some sort of impact in my life, so thank you! I love you!
Sister Garrish

2016.10.17 Birthdays and Public Speaking

Dear Family and Friends,
So to start off, last Monday, I found out that I was assigned to demonstrate teaching about the Sabbath day in front of my entire batch in Hiligaynon of course. The batch means all of the Elders and Sisters I was in the MTC and came with to Bacolod. Which is 27 Elders and Sisters all of their trainers that are training them in their area. This would be the last time we would all together called our "follow up training." So my first initial thought was not 'oh my!' I am so nervous! No, that came later on. My first initial thought when I was told I would be demonstrating how to teach about the 'Sabbath day' in Hiligaynon was.... How in the heck do you even say Sabbath Day. I will probably never forget it.... That doesn't mean I can spell it though. Its like 'adlaw sang inu.... One seconded let me ask Sister Abad...... Oh okay! Its adlaw sang inigpahuway! What a fun word right? Wrong. Anyways, I did that on Wednesday and I did not do as bad as I thought I would.... I prayed and did my part by practicing as much as I could so I just said what ever happens and gave myself to God..... So I don't actually remember how it went when it was actually happening. I just know afterwards they were like "Wow! Sagad Sister Garrish and so great Sister G." "Wow that was amazing!" ....I hope they all know that as stated in the Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 26:32 second part, that it's a sin to lie!!
Anyways, after that ended I still had to prepare a sacrament meeting talk in Hiligaynon again! Topic: How to bear a testimony. I actually had a fun time learning about how to bear testimony from our church magazines. So the one thing I focused on was even if you don't speak the same language or even if you do speak the same language...the strongest and most effective way to share the testimony is through your actions. It's so simple but yet so powerful. I can not tell you how often I have fallen short of this. I really get frustrated with myself when I think about how I was under a covenant with God to take upon Jesus Christ's name and I did not show it. I am so grateful for the atonement, without the atonement I would be so lost. We would all be lost! What comes to mind is what Prophet Thomas S. Monson said in his talk in  general conference (6th paragraph), "Repent and Improve".  I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, some that will affect the rest of my life and I still make mistakes now. So the only best thing that I can do is "repent and improve". 
Well, that was my week a lot of self reflecting on how I can improve and be a better 'me' for myself, my companion, my investigators, my family, and my future family. Also a lot of language study this week. 
What else? Oh! We celebrated Sister Alma's birthday. Sister Alma has such an amazing family they are all so nice and we have lots of laughs when we are there. So sister Abad and I bought her a cake and surprised her. So fun! Sister Alma is the one that made me a dress! Its a floral one I'm wearing and I absolutely love it! She is so sagad! Talented! 
Sister Abad and I had some fun times at the Ciscar Family as well! This week was full of miracles and blessings! I just want to express how grateful I am for my companion, Sister Abad! She is so wonderful! The best trainer ever! She helped me with the translation of both speaking parts and we just always have a great time together! I don't want to transfer! haha! I love the area and my companion and the ward. 

Well, I love you all and I hope you are all doing amazing! 

With love, 
Sister Garrish

Has time been flying by for you as fast as it's flying by for me? 
Enjoy the pictures

The cake sister Abad and I got for Sister Alma, I think she liked it πŸ˜‹

The Galeno Family celebrating Alma's Birthday😘

The part of Ciscar Family Fruity and Daryl πŸ˜„

After Church with the YSA, RC, Investigators, Elders, Sister Abad and I πŸ˜

2016.10.10 Pretty and McDo!

Dear Family and Friends,
Another amazing week!
This week we started it off with zone training, where again I was called to do the musical presentation with Sister Pope and Sister Fawcett. It ended up sounding pretty awesome. We all sung the melody for the first verse, then Sister Pope broke off to alto for the second verse then Sister Fawcett broke off to alto and Sister Pope singing tenor and me singing the melody. They are both amazing singers. Anyways after zone training, we went on with our normal proselyting time for the rest of the week.
This weekend, we had a General Conference, oh boy was it great or what?! Let me tell you General Conference is truly amazing if you come with a couple of questions in mind before you watch it then pray, then listen to your answers! It is so amazing! I'm not going to go into details about all my questions that were answered except for one. That was "What do I do during Sacrament? How can I feel the spirit during the sacrament?" During Elder Peter F. Meurs talk he spelled it out perfectly. He even planned it out, step by step on what to do:
     1.) Prepare in advanced, so on Saturday I get everything I need done for the Sabbath day so my mind is completely focused.
     2.) Pray in advanced to for guidance on what I need, with questions I have in advanced.
     3.) Sing and study sacrament hymns, music influences us and plays a big part in our spirituality.
     4.) Spiritually participate during the sacrament, what does that mean? To me that means not to be distracted but to focus on what they are singing about and focusing on, what Christ did for me so I will remember Him always, His Godly blood spilt.
     5.) Remembrance, reverence in your mind as well as out loud. Focusing on the Lord and allowing the Spirit to really take over. Have you thought of it that way? Being irreverent within your mind? Anyways, through these steps I have faith that it will help me improve the quality of my Sacrament.
Well this week I had a very special baptism. Her name is Pretty and she is the very first person I asked personally in Hiligaynon to be baptized and that was my second day here in Bacolod, Philippines. This week she got baptized. Crazy how time moves. So Sister Pretty’s story is very interesting. The missionaries met her back in July this year but Sister Abad said that her former companions, Pretty and her family would always hide from the missionaries until I came. I met Sister Pretty on my second day here and it happened to be her 9th birthday. After celebrating a little, Sister Abad and I shared a lesson with her and I asked her to be baptized. Sister Abad explained to me how God prepares certain missionaries and I believe Pretty was being prepared for Sister Abad and I. Sister Abad and I are now extremely close with the family. We have been able to share many laughs and we have even sung and played guitar for them. Something amazing is Brother Roy (Sister Pretty’s father) at first said no to Pretty getting baptized and was totally against it but through lots of prayers and fasting then in one lesson about families that he happened to join with Sister Pretty, he allowed Pretty to get baptized and he even said he would too once he stopped his addictions. The Lord works in amazing ways and I know he has a plan for everyone! I really love being a missionary and being able to see all these wonderful miracles! I am finally over being sick and by it feels great!
Some fun stuff that was happened when we didn't have electricity or water for about a day and a half. So no bucket shower for Sister Abad and I. We were travelling to church “smelling divine”. Anyways, during the brown out while in one of our areas it was so dark. We weren’t able to see where we were talking our next step. Everywhere was so dark. It was so cool to experience!
Back to Pretty, after Pretty’s baptism, in downtown Bacolod there is a McDonalds. So we took her there. We bought her a hamburger, she ate one bite and said she was full but it was really because she wanted to share it with her family members. We ended up buying three more hamburgers for her family members. We bought the hamburgers that had lettuce on them and it was her first time trying lettuce. Lettuce here is rare and expensive. So not a lot of people experience salad or lettuce.
What a wonderful week!

I love you all!

- Sister Garrish

PS.  Start sending packages so I’ll get them during Christmas time. JK. ^___^

The man I met on the airplane :)
Out of the plane window
While at the Manila MTC with
my temporary Companions
Pretty's Birthday first day i met her and the "First Road Kids"
Teaching Pretty in her home night before baptism
Zone Training
First Day I met Pretty and all they wanted to do was take pictures <3
Brother Roy in the back haha
​Pretty and Clark with their BOM!
They were both so excited when they got their own copies!!!
Teaching the "First Road Kids" its my favorite thing to do!
Sister Pretty's 
Sister Pretty's 

Pretty after her baptism

Sis. Abad & Sis. Garrish

Sis. Abad & Sis. Garrish
We got to go to Mcdonalds! <3333
Height Difference between the Sisters

Panyaga Squad!