Philippines Bacolod Mission

2017.05.07 Our second family

Dear Family and Friends,
So we unfortunately didn't have a baptism this week... because the Sister that was supposed to baptized had a death in the family :(
This week we are happy to announce the baptism of the Tamba family!!! They are so amazing!!!! The father, Russel, and the mother, Joan, have two amazing children, Zharich and Zenny. You might remember the baptism of Sister Zharich a couple of weeks ago :) Sister Zharich is the start of her familys conversion. We (the missionaries) Have gotten really close to the Tamba family!!! As in, we feel like they are our second family! Numerous times Sister De Leon and I have gone over to their house and had crazy bug bites, rashes or even a stomach ache and Sister Joan is immediately lays us down and puts her natural medicine on us. She is so amazing! I love them so much!!! This week the Magbanua family has just now accepted the invitation to be baptized as a family after the lesson about Temples. They have five kids and they now have that goal to prepare to enter the temple. I am so grateful that we are in the true church of Jesus Christ, that has the right keys to be sealed to our family here on earth that will carry over to the next life. I am so grateful to be able to share such great news to people here in the Philippines that families can be together forever!!!!
So something interesting that happened is we went to Concepcion last Thursday and when we got there everything was great we taught all the kids. We found even more investigators! But guess what?!? There was a brown out. So a brown out is when all the lights go out and there is no power. When the lights went out there was this one Sister who has a husband and three little kids that got possessed. Yes possessed. She started to climb a tree upside down!!! Her feet were up in the air and her hands and feet were at the bottom. When one of the guys grabbed her from the tree she started to laugh in a guys voice and speaking a different language that no one knew, maybe Latin or something really strange. Her eyes were also plain white. This was just a big eye opener that this is all real. This is no movie or just a joke but this stuff is real. I am so grateful to be on the right side of the war. I hope all of us will do our best to hold onto the iron rod so that Satan won't have control over us. This is true, we can avoid that kind of stuff if we stay close to God by constantly following his commandments (reading scriptures, praying, going to church). 
Palangga ko kamo gid, tani mapadayon kamo perme para safe kamo tanan. Kabalo ako nga kisa  budlay para sa aton para sundon ang iya mga kasuguan pero tuod ginhatag siya sa aton ang mga kasuguan para safe kita perme kay palangga kita sang Diyos.  
I love you guys!!! Halong!!! :) 

- Sister Garrish