Philippines Bacolod Mission

2016.12.05 Abide with me 'tis Eventide

Maayong hapong Taytay!
I really love devotionals! They are so wonderful and I have really grown to appreciate them!!
You are not going to believe this but last Sunday I performed in sacrament meeting a piece that I created ....ahhhhhhh!!! It is an arrangement of the hymn "Abide with me 'tis eventide". I put together the piano for one of the Elders to play, even a violin part for Sister Abad to play and with like 5 singers singing different parts. It was so awesome! After church everyone was so amazed!!!! It was so fun!
Love you bunches! Hope all is well!
Love your favorite Sister missionary!

Sister Garrish

Keep inviting the missionaries over for dinner! Maybe you could invite them for FHE and maybe have them bring a investigator or family. That's always the best when ward members do that for us ;)