Philippines Bacolod Mission

2016.12.30 Christmas Surprises

Friends and Family,
I am sorry I haven't written in a while! These past couple of weeks have been very crazy!!!!
Well to sum everything up me and my companion had our first family baptism and in doing so we put together a wedding and reception. It was a blast. I think Sister Abad and I might have worked a little too hard because she ended up in the hospital on Christmas night around 7pm because of gastritis and a blood infection. She was released from the hospital the following Wednesday. I didn't get much sleep while she was in the hospital because unfortunately they don't have cots there for visitors and well since I am her companion I wasn't allowed to leave her. Luckily we had some of the YSA (the best women I have ever met!) go on transfers with us so I could take a shower and grab some stuff that we needed at home.
Afterwards I came down with the flu. So it has been a busy week that's for sure. :)
Here are some pictures and a story of how we met Noel and Wela and their cute little baby Caleb. :) 

-- Sister Garrish

Brother Noel and Sister Wela on their wedding/ baptism day

Sister Wela on her wedding day

Brother Noel and Sister Wela on their wedding/ baptism day

Christmas eve well spent with the Nang family handing out gifts and food to the First Road families!

The suprised Sister Abad with a tree on christmas morning with a bunch of gifts wrapped and hot chocolate :) She loved it! 

With Sister Abad in the hospital with the best Elders!

At Pizza Republic
We decided to get fancy and eat out while we were out of our area waitng for the visiting hours to visit Sister Loveday who is our mission nurse that had to get surgery.