Philippines Bacolod Mission

2017.06.26 Thanks Fam!!!!

Dear Family and Friends!!! 

So just a few things I forgot in the last email... The last pictures I sent of the kids holding school supplies is only two of the 6 kids that we bought school supplies for! It was amazing to see there faces when they opened up there school supplies. Thanks Mom and Dad for the help with that! Because of you guys they were able to enter school some for the very first time because now they had met school requirements. They are loving school and are excited for the rest of the year and to one day serve a mission...  :) Also last time I sent a picture with a birthday cake it was Brother Gian Magbanuas 13th birthday and we bought him a birthday cake. Oh boy was that so fun to see the family so excited!!! After they ate their piece they started to cut more of the cake and took it to all their neighbors! It was so amazing seeing how they wanted all to experience what they had experienced! People are so genuine here in the Philippines it's so nice to see. Well the pictures ill be sending today is Sister De leon, Brother Angelo and I cutting kawayan [bamboo] because we have started a project were we are helping to build a house :) It has been so great because most of our RCs have come togther to build and work on this house. So we really just help when we find we have extra time on our hands :) But thanks again Mom and Dad for the help haha. It has been a work in progress because I need money to survive haha. I really love Sant Fe area, it has been a huge blessing in my life. I have learned so much here from the people.   As for Concepcion it has been amazing to see their faith growing every week! We have just now been teaching this family who are very strong Bible believers. I think I mentioned it in my last email, but oh boy has it been so fun reading the Old Testament and expanding my knowledge with my companion. I love the stories in the Old Testament it reminds me of the Bible videos I use to watch with Katie every Sunday when we were younger. Now... I actually understand the stories haha!
Well, another thing that happened this week.... I made chocolate cookies and I couldn't convince myself to actually eat them when I was done, so I just gave them all away... It made me really homesick for some reason.
Well, I love you guys!!! I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!! :) ​

- Sis. Garrish