Philippines Bacolod Mission

2016.10.31 ASL, Hiligaynon and the Perfect Plan

Dear Family and Friends,
Maayong hapon!!!!!!!! :) [Good Afternoon]
Not sure exactly what happened this week because it went by so fast! I'll start off that Sister Abad and I had a wonderful baptism! Frenzlove is her name. She is so very sweet! Her name fits her perfectly. Her mother will be getting baptized next week. So very exciting for that family.
So now something special and someone who became one of the many miracles here on my mission. His name is JunMar. He is a deaf and can read lips in Hiligaynon and knows sign langauge. I can say I probably know as much sign language as I know Hiligaynon. So very difficult for me. But anyways, I have learned a lot from JunMar. When we first met him, we were walking to an appointment when Sister Abad pointed out JunMar and that he was mute and only knows sign language. Of course me being overly self confident at times and having faith that the Gift of Tongues would take over my hands and that all the sudden I would be fluent in ASL. Although I didn't work out that way it still worked out because Brother JunMar will be getting baptized on Novemeber 19th. Pretty funny how the Lord works. 
So yeah that's my story for this week. Pretty amazing huh? 
Well I just want you all to know that God has a plan for each and everyone. He has a special plan made just for you that is absolutely perfect for you! And guess what? The most perfect person in the world made a perfect plan for you. Pretty cool right! I am not sure if that made sense to you. HAHA! but it makes sense to me. 
So really quick Haley, thank you for praying for me all the time. I can feel your prayers and your love. I am so grateful to have you as my beautiful sister. Ben thank you for showing me how to be so loving and caring. You are such a wonderful example to me. Adam thank you for teaching me patience. I love you, you little squirt. I'm so grateful for your energy! Almost every kid here has your energy and your love for the outdoors. 
I love you three very much! I just don't want you to forget that because you all don't have emails yet. :( 
Love you Fam Bam you are all the best! Try not to forget about me, letters and packages take a while to get here, but they do get here. 
Oh boy I will be so happy! I am not saying I am home sick, I would just like something from home. HAHA. love you all! 
Halong kamo! [Take care ya'll]

Sister Garrish

After volleyball and basketball last P-day
... yes I know my face is red... I'm white and it happens to us white people

Brother Clarks baptism with Brother JunJun as the baptizer :)
Brother Jun-Mar at his first day at church, this picture is currently his screen saver :)

Young's birthday :)

Taytay Hilario
He Is so hardworking and a wonderful example to Sister Abad and I

Brother Roy, Sister Prettys Father! He is the bestest!!! :)

Dinner at the Murcillo Familly with the YSAs :)
 Sister Frenzlove baptism  :)