Philippines Bacolod Mission

2017.02.14 Everyone deserves to hear the gospel

Dear Family and Friends,
SO sorry I wasn't able to email yesterday! I happened to be in the hospital all day yesterday! This time I got a check-up on my foot. My foot and my knees have been giving me kind of a hard time here. The doctors had me doing x-rays and stuff yesterday and then he is having me come back again today to have him tell me the verdict. :) I am a little nervous but I know what ever happens is suppose to happen! "no negative thinker had positive results!" :)
SO this week was full of great learning experiences! Unfortunately I had no baptism this week... and boy does that hurt. My first Saturday where we didn't prepare the font in preparation for someone to receive the keys to Eternal Happiness. Oh boy was that hard. But this week I learned so much from that experience, it has motivated to work even harder. SO it starts with I will study more, so I am confident when I find more people that I can teach with the spirit so they will be converted and baptized. Everyone deserves to hear the gospel and I have the power and authority for a year and a half to exercise that power. SO I will do all I can, to do the best I can to give them all what they deserve. My success as a missionary is measured by how many people I find, convert and baptize. I want everyone here on earth to be baptized... so I will try to be a part of that. Again this week has motivated me to be better, to work harder and to give it all I got. I know there is a great importance to missionary work and I am so grateful for the people that have helped me magnify my calling as a missionary. It is because of you I am able to be a consecrated missionary.
Well something else that happened this week is that the "short term" that was with us for a week just left for America to get married! Her name is Nikki and she is such an amazing girl!!!!!!! I Love her so much and we had so much fun!!! Here is some pictures of our adventure!!!! [no pictures were attached. -M]
Sorry Dad for my english is weird. I edit it somewhat before I send but it still is super hard for me ahaha.
- Sister Garrish