Philippines Bacolod Mission

2017.04.17 Angelo, Danilo, and Sister Zharich's stories

Dear Family and Friends,

Here's are three conversion stories and some photos from this week.

Sis. Garrish

Conversion Story of Angelo Britania Anog
Santa Fe Ward
April 8th 2017
Angelo has been a long time investigator for almost 8 months. He is a former gang member with multiple problems with drugs, alcohol and illegal activity. He didn’t enjoy his life at the time but when he first started to listen to the missionary’s lesson he felt something he had never felt before. He ended up loving that feeling so much he encouraged the missionaries to come back. He had almost immediately taken upon himself the challenge to try and keep all of his commandments.  He tried to keep the Word of Wisdom although sometimes he did struggle, step by step he understood why he needed to keep the commandments. He was always interested in listening the missionaries whenever they visited him, so that he can learn more to help him understand why they are important.  He was and still is always praying for strength to overcome his addictions. His family members are also investigators and they believe all of the words that we are teaching them but the only problem was he was the only one that showed up and is acting on his faith/beliefs. As the missionaries continue to invite his family to go to church they know that the real effect will happen through the example of Angelo. Angelo has completely changed his life around so that his can receive the blessings that are promised to him if he follows Gods commandments. He has been baptized and received the Holy Ghost and is now preparing to be worthy to enter into the temple one day.

Angelo Britania Anog, Santa Fe Ward, April 8th 2017

Conversion Story of Danilo Caudra Jr.
Santa Fe Ward
April 8th 2017
Danilo is a 16 year old boy who was kicked out of his house and has been moving from house to house since he was little. Danilo is also cousins with a recent convert of the church of Cyril Cuadra. He had a problem with the word of wisdom, with no guidance in his life he drank, smoked and did drugs. He started cigarettes at his very young age. Once he started to listen to the missionaries, it was the first true and correct guidance he had ever received. He was listening to us and we taught him about the Word of Wisdom and he said he would follow it. As time passed he said he wanted to be baptized, and we gave him a baptismal date. A week before his baptism he smoked a cigarette, so we changed his baptismal date and he was so sad. He said he doesn’t want to be baptized anymore because all his hard work was for nothing. He kept on going to church even sometimes when he is the only one attending out of his family. As the days went by we asked him again if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes, so we asked him about his smoking. He said he had stopped it completely, because he had the desire to be baptized. We could see his desire and after a week he got baptized, he was so happy and said that he felt a different feeling inside of him.

Danilo Caudra Jr., Santa Fe Ward, April 8th 2017

Conversion Story of Sister Zharich Biboso Tamba
Stanta Fe Ward
April 15th 2017
Sister Zharich Tamba is a 10 year old girl who has been listening to the missionary discussions for over 6 months now. She has had the desire to be baptized after she heard and prayed about Joseph Smith. The only problem was her father is a “true blooded Catholic”, or he thought he was. After about 5 months of Zharich being taught by the missionaries, the missionaries went to talk to her father again about her baptism. This time by using bible references that he so strongly believed in, and listening to the missionaries, he finally agreed to let his daughter be baptized. He even invited the missionaries back over to explain more about the church. His daughter, Sister Zharich, was more than excited when she found out she could finally get baptized. Her whole family ended up attending her baptism and even her confirmation. Because of her example, her parents and sister now have a desire to enter the waters of baptism.

Sister Zharich Biboso Tamba, Stanta Fe Ward, April 15th 2017