Philippines Bacolod Mission

2016.09.09 Well I made it to Manila!

<September 8th, 2016>
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!
I will be able to email in about 5 hours! IN MANILA!
Sister Garrish

Sis. Garrish's flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong
Cathay 881 LAX/HKG

<September 9th, 2016>
Well I made it to Manila!
I am finally here! The plane ride was not to bad! Before we flew out my teacher challenged all of us to talk to someone so that's what I did!! The first flight was from Salt Lake City to LA.
The airplane was full of missionaries! I happened to be lucky enough to be seated with the only non-missionary on the plane! An older man by the name of PK he is from Nepal that was on his way home from visiting a friend in Idaho and from working. We sparked up a conversation and talked the whole way to LA! Near the end of the flight he comited to read the Book of Mormon and talk with the missionaries! He gave me all his information so that I could get him a Book of Mormon in his language and missionaries to visit him!
The other two flights I was with Elder Davenport and Elder Christensen! Hung out and talked to Elder Davenport almost the whole rest of the way!!! The best Elder!
After getting to Manila I was low on sleep and had been constantly getting fed! So knowing me of course, I get sick right before Manila. I got sick and threw up for about 5 minutes straight!!!!
Now it's off to bed for me!!! Pictures to come!!!
Manila is amazing!!!!!
Sister Garrish

Sis. Garrish's flight from Hong Kong to Manila
Cathay 901 HKG/MNL