Philippines Bacolod Mission

2016.09.06 My Last P-DAY!!!!

I leave for the Philippines tomorrow at three!!!
I am up and walking on my foot! Truly a miracle! One day I am told I need to go home and get surgery, and 7 weeks later I am told I am healed and I am ready to go out!!!! The Lord works in mysterious ways. But I am so stoked for him allowing me to go to the Philippines!!!!
 The language I have been learning has been extremely difficult for me, mostly because I feel like everything starts with a "P" haha. I know that I will struggle for at least the first 4 months until I actually feel comfortable having a simple conversation with people! Although I am so excited to be in the Philippines, I am also so excited to meet the people and be indulged in the culture there!!!
This week I got a lot closer to everyone in my zone, and I am so sad I won't be able to see them everyday :(  I seriously have the best missionaries in my zone!!!
 The other day during gym time, since I've had to sit for 7 weeks during gym,  Elder Davenport peppered with me for about 45 min! It was the best feeling! I miss volleyball so much, and although I just stood there and didn't do anything fancy peppering. It just felt so nice to be standing up and doing something! Elder Davenport is the best!!!!
So some sad news, 2 wonderful Elders will be going home today, Elder Brown for his shoulder and Elder Gonzalez.
Elder Gonzalez just found out that his younger brother just got re-diagnosed with bone cancer in his spine, giving him 6 months to live. Elder Gonzalez is a convert to the church as of a year and a half ago after his best friend passed away from cancer. He is extremely strong in his belief in the church which is amazing! He is the only member in his family. Please keep them in your prayers! God prepares people... I know that.
Well just so everyone knows it will take about a month or two for me to get letters and packages! So I would love to get letters, but email is probably an easier way to get in contact with me! :) Love you all! My address in the Philippines is here on my blog if you want to send me a letter or packages! :)
Next time I'll be talking to you in the Philippines...hopefully ;)

-- Sister Garrish

Bats infested our other building so we were forced to moved to the Elders residence! 
Since they only had like 4 hours to move out...
The residence was a mess! ...and super crowded! -_-
So fun!!!
I saw Elder Christensen
My favorite Elders!
Davenport, Tatana, Glenn and Heywood!

At the Departing devotional with the companions!
The class and the most amazing teacher I have ever met!!!
Sister Whicker!​​​
​LAST ZONE PIC!!!!!!! ​
Sister Pope, Elder Lee, Elder Glenn, Elder Matsen and I

​I will never forget Elder Crowley, such an amazing person!!!
Lots of blessings coming his way!​

Elder Green and I!
Zone leader and Sister Training Leader! ​
Sister Gonzales and I :)
Me, Elder Heywood, Elder Christensen, Sister Gonzales

Thanks mom for the new watch...
 ... and celebrating my 8 1/2 birthday!!​