Philippines Bacolod Mission

2016.09.26 Fat, Sick, Rain, Strays, and LOVING IT!

Dear Family and Friends,
What an amazing week! I can honestly say I have seen so many miracles this week! The saying is true, exact obedience brings miracles! Just in my one and half weeks here, I have see it! I really do love it here! Although, I do not understand half of what people are saying, I love it!
Everyone is so kind! And everyone knows that the way to my heart is... FOOD... So everyone feeds me... so yes, as of right now... I am getting fat. -_- And in my role that I am taking upon my self (of getting fat) I have to eat everything that is offered and just given to me... Which is exactly what I have been doing, but unfortunately on Wednesday about 1 am in the morning it hit me like a... train....? Sure a train :) Gastritis, I got it bad.  It was pretty bad for about 2 days with a fever, some nice LBM, (Dad, don't translate that word for the blog viewers hehe) and the chills. It was a blast!
Sister Abad and I still taught lessons during those two days.... awesome :) ...yeah it was nice. But, now I have a plan to be more cautious on what I eat... A Plan... We will see :)
Anyways! Sister Abad is seriously the best ever! We get along so well it's so fun! She is an amazing cook and takes real good care of me! She has learned so much from her past companionship to know how to make the best companionship, it's inspiring :) My foot is doing okay, still swells up like a balloon but Sister Abad is good about walking slowly. Sometimes I forget and start walking fast and Sister Abad will yell out "Hinay lang!" which is  " Only slow" It's the best, she's just the best. :)
Oh, so yesterday while out proselyting it started to pour! Now when I say "Pour", I am talking about it's like turning on a fire hose and putting it right on top of your head!!!! (okay not really, I am being a little dramatic) but seriously it was raining so hard!!!! I couldn't even open my eyes! Of course, we forgot our umbrellas but I absolutely loved it! I was laughing so hard, it was a blast! I was laughing so hard it was so fun! Sister Abad does not like the rain but since we were in the middle of no-where with no coverage, she just enjoyed the rain with me! We were drenched! I am so glad I got a companion that can tolerate me!
Like for example, you all know my love for dogs! Well, I bought a bag of bacon strips (you know, the dog treat ones in the yellow bag) well I bought a bag of those to give to the stray dogs.... but none of them will eat it!!! Perfectly "good" bacon and they won't eat it! They are all used to human food! Well ... scraps of human food! SO now that I know that... there is a little bakery in town  and I bought a bunch of little pastries that are like a peso each, and I give those to the dogs in need, and they love them! Sister Abad loves it everytime the dogs eat the treats! It's so cute! It's amazing that God blessed me with such a great companion!
Well, so last P-day I wasn't able to send any photos because my SIM card had some type of virus but the Elders in my district fixed it and I didn't lose any of my pictures! So here are all of them! Enjoy!!!!

- Sister Garrish

PS...Just kidding the chip is still messed up I guess the Elders didn't fix it -_-

He just walked into church one day wanting to know about the "Mormons" :) <3
Bishop on the right, Elder Baldwin, Elder Chapple, Brother MM, Ricardo Me and Sister Abad and the YSA to greet Brother Ricardo ;)