Philippines Bacolod Mission

2016.09.19 I AM HERE BACOLOD!

Dear Famiily and Friends,
I did it!
I made it to Bacolod Philippines, speaking Hiligaynon!
I can't actually believe that I am here! I have been here for 6 days now and already so much has happened!
Well to start, the night I arrived to be transferred to my trainer (Sister Abad) she took me to an open casket funeral appointment... Yep. The body was just there outside someones home...So it just so happened, since I am a white blonde American they like to see me do things... SO I was called to be the Chorister, which is pretty much a solo performance. But yep almost at every meeting and appointment I am asked to be the chorister. I can also say with confidence I am always called on by the person we are teaching to say the opening prayer. I say about 100 prayers a day... no joke. The people here love to hear me try to speak Hiligaynon, I find it amusing as well.
SO fun now!
I had my first baptism this past Saturday! It was truly an amazing experience! Her name was Le-Anna, she is 10 years and is currently the only member in her whole family! It's amazing that such a little girl can have so much faith. The Saturday of her baptism we taught her earlier that day and she was so excited, then we left for another appointment and would be back to fetch her for her baptism. But while we were gone her older sister had called her and was very angry with her for being baptized and forbid it. SO when Sister Abad and I went to go fetch her she was in tears. But she still came with us... it was truly an amazing and humbling experience for me, to be here and see that sometimes faith is all they have for support.
I want to help everyone so bad and be the best missionary I can be for them and for God. They deserve it.
The people here are really the nicest people ever! They are so sweet and they will give you all they have to make you happy because they are so selfless! Its so amazing! I really get frustrated with myself when I remember times where I complained about the stupidest things just because I could!
I never knew how good I had it....
Please be grateful for everything you have. Even the smallest of small things that you wouldn't even think about. Like your toothbrush, rubbing alcohol, electricity, Showers, transportation, your health, or just living where you live.  We really are blessed. When you are grateful it not only makes you a happier person but it's easier for you to see the good in your life, than the bad.
While being here I have yet to hear someone complain about anything! That's probably why its called "The City of Smiles"
Well anyways some more exciting news, I have had the opportunity to commit two people to baptism and they both said yes! :) This is some of the commitment in Hiligaynon "Himuon mo bala sunod ang ehemplo ni JesuCristo paagi sa pagbabunyag sa isa ka tawo nga nakagaput sang awtoridad nga priestood sang Dios?"
Something like that ;) haha
It really is something else seeing their expressions when I asked.
Well anyways this past Sunday I was called on to bear my testimony in front of everyone during sacrament and I am happy to say my humor still exist in another Language! I was a little nervous while in the MTC about my humor leaving me... but I still got it ;) Don't worry Kyle and Alice, I know how much you both love my dry sense of humor :)
But yeah my humor still exists. I had them laughing pretty good but yet the Spirit was so strong!
I have had two formal dinner appointments with the Young Family and the Cobing Family and the dinner for both was so amazing! Let me tell you Filipino food is amazing!!!!! So much flavor! When I am not eating Filipino food, I'm missing Filipino food! It's really that good! I will probably be fat next time you see me and I don't mind! It's that good! I do have to say though I miss milk... And sweets... :( Before I left Manila I bought some Chocolate and we have a little fridge so I can keep it cold and every night before bed I eat a piece of chocolate piece as like a little hi-five to myself for completing the day.
Something fun my companion and I do now is I will cook an American Breakfast and she will cook a Filipino Lunch :) YUM!
Sister Abad is from Manila, and she is so sweet!!! The best trainer I could ask for! I am truly lucky! Shes very serious about the rules which is very good for me... :)
Anyways fun fact, They start celebrating Christmas here on September 1st! YAY! Christmas music for four months!!! Sweet ;)
So about my house, I am very lucky! They are really good to us missionaries! And I am not being sarcastic when I tell you this! We have a kitchen which is outside the house so lots of lizards and roaches everywhere, Huge lizards and roaches... HUGE! Also there is no shower, which is what I expected but it takes about a minute every morning to build up the courage to pour a bucket of cold water on my head. But once I get used to the water its actually quite nice and refreshing :)
I have three best friends at the house 1) My companion 2) The Blue Fan and 3) The White Fan
Without a fan I would surely die.
It's such a fun experience here! I love riding the Jeepnies and the Tri's, So Fun!
Well that's enough talk from me here's some pictures! :)

Sister Garrish

My first night in Bacolod with Sister Abad and Le-Anna at the funeral, with my hymn book ready to go.

The kids we teach.
Pretty is the one in the pink dress that I asked to be baptized :)

FHE at the Young's home

Le-Anna's baptism with a few of her friends

After Le-Anna's baptism we had some fun messing around in the parking lot <3