Philippines Bacolod Mission

2017.01.16 Transfers!!!

Dear Family and Friends,
So it actually happened.... Sister Abad was transferred! I always knew this day would come but didn't think it would come so soon! She is transferred to Silay East while I am still here in Bacolod :) I am glad I wasnt the one transferred I love it here so much! I have grown to love the people here like my personal family and I never want to leave!!!! Haha So my new companion is one of the legends here in Bacolod Mission she goes home in April and I hope to learn as much as I can from her before that happens! Her name is Sister Tongco :) She is like Sister Abad's twin!!!! They look so much alike! God knows me so well he only has me go through change little by litttle haha I love Sister Tongco she is so great! She is actually me Lola! She help trained Sister Abad! She is in the previous pictures I sent you from MLC with Lola, Nanay and Anak :) 
SO for some bad news this week Sister Abad tried opening a bag with a big and sharp knife and ended up cutting her finger! So we went to the hospital and she got all stitched up. I felt so bad for her because they had an intern work on her and it took like 40 minutes to put in three stitches. Then, even though the anesthesia didn't work the intern continued with the stitches! It looked so painful! I ended up helping the intern with the procedure and by the end of it my hands were the ones super bloody! It was another crazy experience at the hospital! 
But anyways another thing that is going on is that I am currently sick, again! But this time I was throwing up from 3AM  this morning until we had to go to the office to meet our new companion :) SO that was fun.... not quite sure whats wrong with me but I'll be fine by tomorrow :) 
I love the letter and picture that my brother Adam sent me this week! It even came with a picture of him and Lucy! It made me so happy! I even received a couple pictures of my nephew Simon! I love receiving pictures of my family because it just reminds me how I know that we will be together forever and I want other families to know that too! I love you all but I don't have a camera and Sister Abad's camera transferred with her ::( 

- Sis. Garrish

PS - OH and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!! ngga guapa gihapon? Ano ang secret mo? ;)  Love you mom!