Philippines Bacolod Mission

2017.01.23 Challenges

Family and Friends!

Wow, What an amazing Week with my new companion Sister Tongco! What a blessing it is to have her as my companion! Not only is she such a hard worker but she makes the work fun! That's what I need, I can work no matter how hard the work is as long as I have someone positive able to laugh along with me. I have been blessed with two companions like that so far! :) This week I have been faced with a lot of challenges with lots of different things, but the one thing I remember this week with everyone and everything that has given me a hard time is just that I will be alright. It's as simple as that. But it really has a big impact on me. Every time I think that I am able to calm down and continue out my day with no hard feelings! I really love everything that I am learning here out on the mission field! Lots of self reflecting and repenting. I am far from perfect but as I try to do my best I feel better about myself then I have ever have. Oh and I have this stary pet dog. I'll get a video or picture of us one day but.... yeah  that's my little burst of happiness when I get hope at the end of the day haha :) LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!
Next week I hope to receive letters, email, pictures or anything!!! haha LOVe you all!!! 


- Sister Garrish

Transfer day and I was sick :(
I'm in the heart of Bacolod or I am the heart of Bacolod haha ;)
Danico Brothers Conversion Jan 14, 2017

The first MLC of 2017