Philippines Bacolod Mission

2016.08.02 Broke my foot on my third day in the MTC

My first official P-Day at the MTC! In this past week, a lot has happened! some good and some very bad. My first two days were very hectic. Waking up at 6:20 AM, leave the residence hall at 6:55 AM and not returning until 9:30 every night. My first day was awesome, everyone welcomed me. Now when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE!!! Walking down I would pass one Elder and Sister and they would yell out to me "WELCOME TO THE MTC!!!" with the occasional side note from Sisters "I love your skirt!" The first day really was such an amazing experience. The next day was very full and overwhelming as well. Full of classrooms. I also had my first class with my teacher Brother Meek. He automatically started speaking Hiligaynon! Super confusing!!!! Brother Meek is very cool, he served the same mission that I'm going to! So that automatically makes him super cool. Bacolod!!!  
I have 8 Elders and 2 Sisters in my district. Me and my two companions are the only Sisters in my entire zone!!! Pretty crazy and tons of pressure. My two companions are so sweet. They are the greatest example of showing selflessness and loving everyone. I share a room with five Sisters. My two companions; Sister Pope and Sister Gonzales, and three Sister missionaries serving in the Cebu mission in the Philippines; Sister Cherry, Sister Pito and Sister Togagae. They are learning another language called Cebuano. Very similar to Hiligaynon but so different. So it is sometimes very difficult when they speak, but I love them!!! They are amazing!!! We die laughing almost every night! They are so funny and are my absolute favorite! They leave for Cebu in just two weeks! 
I have so many stories I would love to share, like how already every situation I have been in here in the MTC has been amazing learning lessons for me. Through God we can do hard things. This week I have had the opportunity to grow my relationship with God, so that I can do hard things. 
My third day here at the MTC we had exercise time, which of course I headed over to the Volleyball court with another Sister of mine. About 5 minutes left of gym time, me and another Elder went up for the same ball and when we came down his foot went under mine and I stepped on it and heard a bunch of cracks in my ankle. Which I actually ended up BREAKING MY FOOT and FRACTURING MY ANKLE. I thought I had just rolled my ankle so I got up real quick and told everyone that i just needed to walk it off. so I started walking it off, but then i decided it wouldn't hurt to get some ice. So I went to the athletic trainer and he insisted on looking at it, which is a good think he did. Once I took off my sock and my shoe, my foot looked like a bleached trolls foot. I was like darn that doesn't look good. The trainer sent me with crutches right to the doctors where they took x-rays and told me the news...."Sister Garrish you need surgery" my heart literally felt like it was breaking. I didn't cry or show any sign of pain until the Doctor told me that.
After a little while of talking he said there is a 50/50 chance that the bone will go back to where it originally broke off from. The Dr. told me you can either go home now and get surgery or you can wait 3 weeks come back for more x-rays and see if it went back or not. If it went back then i get to stay an additional three weeks, if it didn't then I go home and get surgery.
I automatically replied with "I want to chance it, I want to stay" 
I was so happy I get to stay a little bit longer.
But what was the hardest, was the days to follow. In the MTC there are a ton of stairs.... like a ton..... like I'm pretty sure they just threw in stairs just because they felt like it...
I have this awesome scooter... I completely blend in with the other missionaries when I'm cruzing down the halls, or hopping up and down the stairs, or when I'm going over 5 mph in the  temple parking lot yelling out "Parkor" because I'm feeling dangerous at that moment. Yeah completely blending in...
I get asked around 20-30 times a day on what happened to my foot... I don't mind because after I tell them they always go "Awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm sorry Sister, I will pray for you tonight" 
Do you guys know how many people are praying for me? 
I'm bound to get better. 
One sister came up to me yesterday and said "Awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm sorry about your foot! I put your name in the temple prayer box" 
Guys.... do you know how many missionaries went to the temple this morning?!? 
a lot.
If I do end up going home because of my foot... that's okay.
The point of my mission was because I wanted to share what I know so other can be happy. 
When I go home there will be nothing stopping me from sharing the Gospel then myself. 
If anyone has a question about your faith or about a trial or about anything, ask 
"Ask, and it shall be given unto you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."  3 Nephi 14:7

I am all out of time but I have so much to say and so much to share! But I LOVE ALL OF YOU! And I'm so grateful for your support.
PS I love 3 Nephi 17,. it's the

With Lots of Love

Sister Garrish

PS.  Please write me on!!! please.... I'm lonely!

My Roommates
(Sis. Cherry, Sis. Tito, Sis. Togagae, Sis. Pope, Sis. Gonzalez, Sis. Garrish)
My whole Zone

My Companions (Sis. Garrish, Sis. Pope, Sis. Gonzalez

Elder Green me and Sis. Pope and another Elder that ask how my foot is every time he sees me, so sweet

Coolest zone leader/ guy with an accent

My scooter

Sis. Garrish, Sis. Togagae using Sis. Pope's nose strips for fun!

My night routine

Classroom with companions (Sis. Gonzalez, Sis. Pope, Sis.Garrish)

My foot - Day 3

Computer Lab on P-day

Classroom with roomates
(Sis. Tito, Sis. Cherry, Sis. Togagae, Sis. Gonzalez, Sis. Pope, Sis. Garrish)

My foot - Day 1