Philippines Bacolod Mission

2016.08.16 So about the Doctor.....

Dear Family & Friends,
Woahhhhhhhhhhhh this week went by zoomin!
Nothing crazy happened other then getting the most amazing "Dear Elders" from Alice + Kyle, Jesse<3, Zach, Grandma Garrish, Erik and of course KIM!
I can't tell you how much I loved reading everyones letters! 
BTW Alice it's a deal ;) 
I  really enjoy reading them! Since I'm crippled and can't do much during exercise time I reread them and make me so happy!
So as everyone was wondering about I went to the doctor today and the verdict is......
My foot is looking GREAT! The doctor was so excited to tell me! I see him in three weeks about 4 days before I leave for the Philippines! The prayers are working! So thank you! 
I still may have to come home and get surgery; but the chances are a lot lower! 
Pretty sweet!
I don't have a lot to write because nothing really happened.... 
Well, I guess I did have my best lesson yet in Ilonggo, it was pretty awesome. In our lessons we are only allowed to speak in Ilonggo and are not allowed any notes at all! Yep, we've been doing that since week one. But this lesson was the first time I felt somewhat comfortable asking questions, teaching the lesson and sharing my testimony completely in the language. Although I struggle everyday with the language there are multiple times where I have felt the Gift of Tongues. Truly amazing. God knows I struggle, but he also knows how much I work. God will bless us. He WANTS to bless us! We just have to be willing to do our part so He can. 
I love this Gospel and everything it gives to us! Kabalo ako matuod ang ebanghelyo. 
Oh by the way... there is a rumor that Elder Holland will be speaking tonight at the Devotional! Super exciting!
Oh and super sad, my roommates, (The Cebuano Sisters; Pito, Togaga'e, Cherry) leave for the Philippines tomorrow!!!! I am so sad but so happy for them! They have become such great friends!!! But, we get new sisters that move in tomorrow which is equally exciting!!! Since there are only three girls in the zone and we are companions we are all three the Sister Training Leaders and we help the new missionaries that are moving in! So fun :) 
Something strange to share, while I was at the temple this morning I had an older lady who was helping me that was from Scotland and I was doing a name for a girl from Scotland and for some reason was impressed to move to Scotland! Why? Probably because the accent was just so cool, and I want my kids to have that accent. Probably won't happened but I'm still in a Scottish phase.... But when ever I'm at the temple I feel like when anything happens it is a sign from the future... I should stop taking everything that happens in the temple so literal.  
Welllllllllllllllllllllll Enjoy the photos!!!! :)
-- Sister Garrish
Sister Gonzales, Sister Pope and I
Add I've never studied so hard...
Daily planning
Me, Sister T and Sister Gonzales
Sister Gonzales, Sister Cherry, Sister Pope, Sister T, Sister Pito and I
MTC Zone
Companions and our old Zone Leaders Elder Germain and Elder Prado...oh and Elder Brown in the back
Me and Elder Prado who I thought was Anthony every time I saw him!
The Sisters <3
I have a pretty great Zone
Cinnamon rolls from the Dear Elder website are so good!!!! 
Almost as good as Mom's...not quite but almost.

Last Temple picture with all of them together :(
Filipino sign for "good looking"
What I do for a good photo....
Group shot from the temple walk back to the MTC
What the photo actually looks like!
With Elder Mills in the background!

P-Day and Sister Pope hahahah
The best Elders and Sister T and me rollin in for the shot
Sharing the love of cinnamon rolls with Sister T
Sister Pito and I, she's from Tahiti and speaks three languages!
She's amazing!