Philippines Bacolod Mission

2016.08.23 Sisters and Slivers

Dear Family and Friends,
I swear the weeks are blending together! Not quite sure.... The most eventful thing that happened this week is that we got new Sisters!!!! So exciting! Unfortunately we are not roomed in the same room so we have not been able to get as close with them as I would have liked to! It's okay it's probably for the best we don't get too close because I leave in just two weeks.  I cried last time I had to separate from my other Sisters :(
OHHHH So SUPER sad news!!!!! My new district leader Elder Brown dislocated his shoulder!!!!! From playing Four Square!!!! He has to go home early and get surgery! He is so strong, he is going to stay till Sept 7th, the day we leave for Manila then later that day he is going in for surgery!!! Then it's about a two month recovery! He will be coming out after that, but if everyone could please keep him in your prayers! He is an amazing Elder and has been a great brother to me here in the MTC! If you want you can send him a letter or a package, our address is the same just change the name :) He was a huge help to me when I broke my foot!
Well, other than that Sunday's Devotional was truly amazing, not only because the auditorium was full and the usher saw me rolling away with my companions and called us over and had two Elders grab us chairs so we could watch it live (haha) but because it was The National Tribute Band that came and played for us. During their story telling and singing I promised myself never to lose that feeling ever again; to always be worthy of it. My favorite days of the week are Sundays and Tuesdays not because there is no class but because of Devotionals! They are so awesome! I would love to go to one every night if I could!
This week I have to say I have had some interesting times.... I have gotten a lot closer to my whole zone AND my companions.
Let me tell you a story.... We were about to start planning our next lesson for our investigator, so we started with a prayer like we always do, during the prayer my mind wandered off to thinking about getting comfortable and how to get comfortable, so while my companion was saying the prayer I scooted my tush across the WOODEN chair so I could put my feet up and be in a laying down position..... WORST IDEA! Well while I scooted my tush across that wooden chair I planted about 30 tiny slivers into my bum...... Yeah so if you were wondering how me an my companions got really close.... that's how. Sister Gonzales (an only child) has never seen another's bum before, so you could say it was traumatizing for her... Sister Pope and I were dying laughing so hard!
Needless to say when you are saying a pray FOCUS on the prayer, not on yourself! Heavenly Father has a sense of humor and will getcha.
On a spiritual note....
For about three and half weeks, after each lesson my companions and I teach; I leave frustrated because I wasn't able to explain or say everything I wanted to in Ilongo whether I was too scared to talk or what. About a week and a half ago one of my teachers pulled me aside and shared with me how people convert through your testimony, they see your faith and your testimony and that is what converts people. Up until then, I had a hard time because I felt like all I was able to do was bear a testimony of the gospel. But that's the most important thing! I've come to terms that if I don't know where the lesson is going I can turn to MY testimony.
Life here on Earth is too short to let Satan hold you back because of fear.

Well until next week! me if you have questions about anything or want someone to talk to!
I love all the letters that I have received this week! They made me so happy!


PS Maybe in next week's letter I will share my testimony in Ilongo.... ;)

Sister Garrish

Was doing personal study when I saw two Elders standing outside of my residence hall, then I see a sister who was very ill come down with her companions for a blessing. What an amazing place to be. 

​Sister Gonzales and I with our awesome fans! Elder Mills in the back...

Elder Maughn, proposing to Elder Gonzales, and Elder Rogers and Elder Glenn reacting to him saying yes. haha 

Elder Rogers and I on the temple walk!

Elder Maughn Proposing with my monkey bread that I received from because it was so good!

After the temple walk I pass out on the lawn

 I look so fat....
I promise I have only gained one pound.....