Philippines Bacolod Mission

2016.08.09 Conversion stories and x-rays

This week was such a blur! The only thing that helped me realize what day it was, is thanks to Aunt Kim! Writing me almost everyday! When everyone else was getting mail I knew I could count on Aunt Kim (no pressure to keep writing Aunt Kim) haha pressure.....
I received three amazing packages that lifted my spirit through the roof! If anyone was wondering I love all types of food! xD (Colyn is SO AWESOME!)
This week flew by, the only things I really remember are the devotional talks. AMAZING!!! I wish you would all be able to hear them! 
Really put my life in perspective on what I want to do and how I want to be.
If i ever told any of you "I am never getting married" I am sorry. 
Although I may never get married, I want to. I see the Presidency and their wives walking around hand in hand. I hear their stories of kids and grand-kids. One thing I have heard quite a bit for the sister is "Keep your hearts closed but your eyes open" 
I see what I want in my future companion, I want him to have a strong if not stronger love for the Lord than I do. 
Serving with Elders here have been such amazing examples to me. I see them as my brothers and I their sister. 
They remind me of my brothers at home Andrew, Jacob and Justice have been such great examples to me on serving the Lord and how they treat their wives,
but the one thing I wish I had done is ask to hear their testimonies and their Conversion story before I came to the MTC. 
I hope when I come home I will be able to tell them and everyone my testimony and My Conversion story. 
One very interesting thing that I have been pondering about day and night, throughout the day is about the video "The Character of Christ" a talk from President Bednar. 
He goes on talking about looking outward instead of inward. What does that mean?
Well to me it really has to deal with thinking about others and what they need other then myself and what I want.
As for myself if you are part of the Church you all have a conversion story, whether you are born into the church or not. 
For me I have had my records in the church my whole life. Was I automatically converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? 
I'm still not completely converted. Why?
Because at times I still look inwards instead of outwards. 
I need to completely loose myself in selflessness and only then will I truly find myself. 
Like in the Talk
I want to be so strongly converted into the church that not even an Apostle falling away from the church will shake my testimony or have any effect with my relationship with God. 
Until then I will push to grow.
I really think everyone should watch "The Character of Christ" 
It is for everyone! Everyone should live this way!
He shares very touching stories that we can all somewhat relate to. 

The natural man is an enemy to God, and will be forever. 
As long as you are looking inward you are an Enemy to God.

Welllllllllll anyways..... hopefully that all made sense! if not please email me and ask me questions so we can clear the air! :) 

Other then that... Life is Good, My companions are amazing, My roommates are amazing, Everything is just amazing! 
One more week till I find out if I go home or if stay 3 more weeks :) Prayers please.
Through your faith in God anything is possible! 
But also remember God has a plan so don't be to sad if it doesn't work out! 
Just think about Joseph Smith and everything he went through! Woah... that was deep. 
Love You All!!!!!!!

PS Thank you Grandma Garrish for the Arnica! Oh and Happy Birthday 25 has never looked so good.

PSS  all the Dear Elder information is on my blog! If you use that then I get to read it that day! Its the closest thing i have to texting... so use it!!!!

Sister Garrish