Philippines Bacolod Mission

2016.08.30 Kamusta [How are you]

<2016.09.01 UPDATE - Sis Garrish received Dr's clearance for Travel today!

Kamusta Friends and Family! 
Although I don't have much to write about because nothing really happened....
I do want talk a little bit about how God has a plan for each one of us.
It's crazy how much I've have switched my thinking process from it's "just  a coincidence" to "God has a plan".
I cannot emphasize enough that EVERYTHING that happens, happens for a reason. 
You may not know the reason why.
God would do something, but that's okay because you don't need to. 
You just need to know that God is preparing you to be something great.
God is our greatest friend, we will never be alone if we allow him to stand by our side. 

- Sister Garrish

PS - Now I'll share some stories with some pictures!!!! :)

After getting a package from Grandma Garrish with some essential oils in it, one being Stress Away
My whole district put it on their wrist then started to do yoga because they felt so stress free hahaha!

Elder Kortus, Elder Mahfiey, Elder Green
This is Elder Pauley!!!!!
​He is my absolute favorite missionary I have ever met!! 
He is also one of my greatest friends here!
He is completely deaf, but one night he and his companion were going around and sharing their testimonies to other missionaries and I ended up being one! 
After he shared his testimony we sparked up a very small conversation (with as much ASL as I knew) 
Then he continued to teach me with my finger spelling the word, then him showing me the official sign. 
Every devotional my companions and I get to sit right next to them, so we sign with them during songs
I am getting a lot better at communicating in ASL because of him and the other ASL missionaries! He leaves September 14th to Missouri!

​I love all the support I get when I roll to the temple ;) 
I love the MTC!
Saw Elder Schwartz today!
Travel Itinerary!
​Look at that long word on the pamphlet on the right.... yeah I know shocking, but I know how to say it.

The Elders like to take my camera and take pictures! 
Elder Lee up front, Elder Hanks, Elder Glenn
On the Right Elder Matsen and Elder Maughn 

Me, Elder Davenport and Sister Gonzales 
Me, Elder Timoteo
He is the best!!!!
Me, Elder Timoteo and Sister Gonzales
This is the sweetest Elder I have ever met! He is from Fiji and speaks Citabus (not sure how to spell) He is serving in Ilo-Ilo and is learning two languages!!!! English and Hiligaynon!!!! So amazing!!!!

Elder Kelly!!!

Elder Glenn!
He has the most jokes in our whole Zone!
Such a funny Elder!
Mga kaupop
[My companions]
The whole Zone heading to the Temple!

Sister Thorton wrote me a note and made this.
So Cute!!!